Our mission is to come alongside parents to develop the God-given talent that each child possesses.  It is also to inspire each student to strive for excellence in a joyful atmosphere, where every attempt, every ministry opportunity, every practice is in and of itself a praise offering to the Lord.

“Whatsoever you do, do all to the glory of God.” – I Corinthians 10:31


Students are expected to be at all lessons. There are no makeup lessons, or credits for student absences.  All teacher absences will be made up, or a credit will be carried over to the next semester.  Make-ups for teacher absences will be either made up at another time in the current week, or in the weeks following the semester.  If time does not allow, any teacher absences that have not been made up may be used the following semester as credits.

If you are going to miss a lesson, as a courtesy to the teacher please give 24 hour’s notice.  Although it is recognized that some things may happen on the way to your lesson, please call as soon as possible.

After a student has registered, placed in a teachers studio and agreed to a lesson time; if they choose to withdraw from Bowman Music Studio the family is responsible for all lesson fees for the remaining semester.  We will make adjustments for extreme illness or a death in the family.


Please do not bring your student, or a sibling to a Private Lesson or Ensemble Rehearsal, unless they have been free from the following for 24 hours prior to the lesson:

1. Fever                                      4. Stomach Virus

2. Diarrhea or vomiting       5. Any contagious illness

3. Eye Infection

Calendar/ Inclement Weather Policy:

Bowman Music Studio follows the local school calendar for Spring Break only, we do not close for many of the other school closings.  We will be closed in the event school closings for bad weather. We will also close in the event of a tornado warning or other severe weather event.  All lessons missed due to bad weather will be made up.

Purchase of an Instrument:

If you do not own your instrument, please let your teacher assist you in the selection of a suitable instrument.  It is wise to get an instrument of economic value, but also one that is well functioning, and not frustrating to play.

Lesson Fees:

Typically there is an 18 week semester in the fall and spring and a short summer session (summer lessons are billed per unit, based on teacher’s availability and policy).

Lesson Fees:      

30 minute lesson (18 lessons):     $450.00 ($25.00 per lesson)

45 minute lesson (18 lessons):     $675.00 ($37.50 per lesson)

1 hour lesson (18 lessons):           $900.00 ($50.00 per lesson)

You will receive an invoice for all lessons your family members register.  All lesson fees will be paid to Bowman Music Studio.  Please make all checks payable to Steven Bowman at the beginning of each month. Paypal or Venmo are available for those would prefer paperless payments.

Tuition must be paid prior to the lessons being taught.  If you desire, you may pay your tuition in 4 equal payments for the spring and fall semesters.  Summer lessons are to be paid in full prior to the first lesson.

If you have any questions regarding billing or tuition, please do not hesitate to call or email!

Ministry Ensembles

Each week during the Fall and Spring semesters, there will be a group ensemble rehearsal (Time TBD). While not required, these ensembles are heavily encouraged, as those involved will have opportunities to perform at various events and outreaches in the community throughout the semester.

In ministry ensemble, the students will learn the value in group playing, as well as get to learn different styles of playing and a completely different context for their music! In Ensemble we will cover classical, bluegrass, Celtic, jazz, folk, movie music, and more.